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Pilates is very different from any other form of exercise, it will change

the shape of your body in a way no other exercise can.


Anyone at any stage of fitness can practice pilates...

Pilates is more effective when it is taught catering for individual needs. It's about precision and requires total concentration. At Strand Studio you will find a small group of people exercising individually, performing precise movements tailored to their personal needs. It is the perfect exercise for todays lifestyle: It works as an antidote to days spent hunched over a desk or computer, driving in rush hour and carrying heavy bags. Under Brenda's expert guidance you will achieve rapid and lasting results.Your posture will improve as the body's central core muscles are strengthened. You will become stronger, leaner and more flexible with greater joint stability. Pilates enables you to work your entire body to its full natural potential. Not only will you look better, you will feel better.